The less material variation that’s used, the more consistent, minimalist and open the space will feel. For example, the living room may have a wood panel feature ceiling while the dining room includes wood furniture. The element that ties these spaces together is materiality—while the living room’s unique ceiling makes this zone feel distinctive.

multi functional space

Utilize Multi-use Pieces

There are many advantages of an open space plan, which allows [a] family to blur the lines of daily activities and feel connected in the house. There is a strong relationship to the landscape and sunlight and the house feels larger overall.

By efficiently using the space, you can redefine usage by simply moving furniture to a new location to maximize square footage.

Designing furniture and cabinetry with multipurpose functions hidden until required can help make the most of your space . For example, a dining table surface can turn into a working desk with hidden casework features for storage, power and a USB port.

muti functional space